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Love like it is the end.

Waiting for the right guy who can tell this sweet words, not a sweet lies! :(

Waiting for the right guy who can tell this sweet words, not a sweet lies! :(

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My name is Jasmine Kyle Faustino Valenciano. But some call me JASZiE/JHAS for short :D I'm just thirteen turning fourteen this March. I'm a SiNGLEiDiE * funny but true * What you see, is what i've got :)) Many People have a lot of misinterpret about me , esp. my attitude =) hha. but not all are true.. I'm a silly sister, pretty look && cute daw ! LOL. I am a nice friend , kind, sweet , jolly && contented w/ my life ;) I tell watever i feel to someone. I love the way I am. I'm a matured girl, some says that I'm 16 or 18 (what the hell !) but they're wrong. hha (: i'm still young but i'm fully matured. hha :D I love hanging out w/ my friend esp. to my cousins. I don't want to be alone. thats why i'm a friendly person (: I'm a loving friend, caring, sincere && loyal. I'm a unique person. I am true about myself 'coz I'm not a good pretender. But maybe sometimes, I pretend my true feelings esp. when I'm lonely . I'm LOVELESS yet I'm HAPPY :)) I'm not a perfect person that everyone want. But I'll assure you that I'm a good friend. Maybe some people who are insecure says that I'm maarte but I don't care. Likas na sa yon sa girls. hha :)) I know how to take care people I love. && I know how to put on a trash a stupid people :D I'm living my Life the way I want it to be. ^^ I don't please other people just to be my friend. I don't want a "PLASTik FRiEND" I am a real person , soo I want a real person too. --- Feel free to say anything about me. Don't cha worry I won't bite youuu ! Thanks For having time to read this ! Lotsss of Lovee -- jaszie <3 ;)



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